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Beautify Your Smile! 702-227-6510 Dr. Jeffery E. Hodges has provided quality dental care for the Charlottesville community since 1983. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry, and holds professional memberships in the American Dental Association and Virginia Dental Association.
Home & Property James L Gibson Nightlife By Houstonia Staff 5/2/2017 at 12:00pm Published in the May 2017 issue of Houstonia
Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. Although Dr. Musial likes using the Oral-B brushes, she says that one of her hygienists swears by Sonicare, and another loves the Rotadent (which we’ll get to in a moment). “When looking at dental products I suggest looking for any that have the ADA seal of approval,” she advises. “But then personal preference should be the big decider. In my 17 years of practice I have found that the best toothbrush is whichever one a patient will use consistently. —Jordan C. Periodontics Periodontics Periodontics is that specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes and the maintenance of the health, function and esthetics of these structures and tissues. (Bacterial infection of the gums) (339) 469-7081 Best Doctors 2016 We would love to hear from you
Meet 4 Dentists Committed to Keeping Your Teeth Gleaming As proponents of good health, we offer comprehensive care.
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Teeth Cleaning Livonia Here’s a link to the Wisconsin Dental Association. Own Your Smile infographics Welcome to Nortey Dental
Botox 60 Wolf Creek Blvd.  Find The Best In Baltimore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Group (OMS)
Officials awaiting Silver Line concrete test results; Where to get doughnuts on National Doughnut Day WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY…
Health & Fitness 3975 S. Durango Drive #102, Alice P. Chen This would include: your local health department (city/county), your state’s Dental Association as well as its local branch, your local branch of the United Way, clinics located by using the Bureau of Primary Health Care link above, dialing 211 to see what happens and if your city has a dental school (see link above) checking about possibilities with them.
Amy Shoumer (610) 409-9880 Steven J. Resnick Christopher M. Meyer, D.D.S., M.D. Nearly 150 times a year, Omlie, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who practices at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants in Edina, performs orthognathic surgery to realign patients’ upper or lower jaws, or both. And while he and other oral surgeons make huge improvements with this corrective jaw surgery, they aren’t operating alone. Usually, patients also need additional care before and after surgery from a team of specialists, especially orthodontists, along with their general dentist, to not only restore the bite and jaw function, but also the aesthetics of their teeth.
Dr. Konig also prefers the DiamondClean Smart brushes for his own use because he likes how the sonic technology coupled with sweeping motions drive fluid into the tight spaces between the teeth and gum line, resulting in a greater cleaning efficiency. “But it’s actually a very personal choice,” he stresses. “The sonic vibrations in the Philips brushes aren’t for everyone. And if you’re someone who finds them bothersome, then you’ll do just fine with Crest’s Oral-B.”
The owner of wellness company Priya Means Love shares her favorite things. He performed a complicated root canal and prep for a crown with skillful precision. I did not have any discomfort during or after the procedure. Dr. Rotolo followed a few days later with a personal phone call. I highly recommend Dr. Rotolo for all your dentistry needs!
Peter Hinke Choose color 30 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Cancer 612-861-7188 NOVEMBER 2017 BBC World Service Midlothian Dental Center Thomas Kollodge Are you a current patient? Utah’s Premier Dental care experience. Other locations: Fridley, North Oaks, St. Paul
What Is the ‘Texas Dip’? Subscribe Give a GIft Large Print Edition via rotadent.comThe Rotadent Procare is the top choice of Ira J. Handschuh, DDS, a general and cosmetic dentist at The Dental Design Center in White Plains, New York and New York City. “The Rotadent, fabricated by Dentsply, is a high-quality brush due to its wonderful bristle texture and fantastic brush head size and shape,” Dr. Handschuh tells Reader’s Digest. “Patients can choose from a long or short tip, as well as both flat brush heads and pointy brush heads. All brush head diameters are small enough to accommodate patients with small mouths too. These options allow patients with all types of needs, such as those who have braces or lots of gum recession, to utilize the brush. The pointy brush head allows the bristles to get into spaces that are often difficult to reach with other brushes. Another nice feature is that the brush will shut down automatically if patients push too hard on the gums or teeth. Without this feature, patients can actually do harm to the architecture that support the teeth.”
Boston (South) To Dr. Alvarez, the specific version isn’t important. What is important is that with any Sonicare toothbrush, you’re getting 31,000 brush strokes per minute (compare that with 200 by a manual toothbrush!), which is the same frequency as the professional ultrasonic instruments he uses in the office. And that sonic energy pushes between the teeth and under the gumline in a way that no other brush can do. “What the sonic effect does also is to disrupt cell membranes of the bacteria found on the teeth and gums. And that goes a long way toward destroying the bacteria,” adds Lance Loveless, DDS, LVIF of Austin’s BridgeView Dental.
2808 S. Ingram Mill Road, Suite C-108, Springfield Flagstaff’s Once you quickly find the city or suburb you are in, you’ll soon be on the way to finding the best after hours dentist for you. Many times as a business traveler, you may be looking for a true weekend dentist, or one that can help you as a dentist near me that take payments.
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ADC of Joplin Best Financial Advisers People who have low family incomes and no dental insurance sometimes suffer in silence with serious dental problems because they can’t find access to care.
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